Tips & Advice

Helping you to build your perfect property portfolio with your needs in mind.




There are many questions, options and considerations – talk to us for the full picture as this is just a snapshot of what we consider on your behalf – or browse a few ‘quick tips’ to give a taste of what’s in store when you trust Propertunity with your property portfolio needs.


Tip 1: Be location-savvy

Imagine the property is already yours. Start your local research – look for schools, shops, entertainment and opportunities for young people. Is it near good transport links, walking distance to public transport, in a great school catchment area?  Where are the parks, green spaces and leisure centres? Are there large regeneration programmes? Employment opportunities? What’s special about this area? Pretend you’re promoting this house as the best place ever to live – what can you say about its location and surrounding area that adds to its appeal.

Tip 2: The family-life factor

Imagine a familly living in this house. Go on a journey through the rooms in your mind – picture the great place for the dining table or the cosy nook for reading, or the distant view from the bedroom window. Check out Google Earth and see the shadows – that’ll tell you the best place to sit in the garden on a sunny day. Imagine a typical Saturday morning – boiling the kettle in the kitchen as the sun streams through the French windows – note the glorious sunlight on the patio and the first slide of the doors as you step outside to take in the early morning warmth. Imagine sitting with your coffee as you contemplate a stroll to the local shops – just a ten minute pleasant walk down the tree lined road.  If you can imagine this life – then you can communicate this story and be passionate about your properties – just like we are!

Tip 3: Inside-Info

Finding out the inside scoop on the street is easier than you think! Go to ‘Streetcheck’ and input the postcode to see instant insider info – for free! A breakdown of the types of properties – the type of work the neighbours do – any crimes that have been committed (when, where and even what type!) Even map out all the local amenities – without the legwork.  Find the gems of properties in the safest places – all from your own PC.




What feels right for you?


Tip 1: Don’t over-stretch

This is a marathon, not a sprint. You don’t need to do it all today – it’s enough to make a start and grow from there. This is supposed to be fun, exciting and filled with opportunity for a different future life – so don’t feel compelled to finance yourself to oblivion and risk it all. Talking to an expert will make you feel more comfortable about what you’re about to build.


Tip 2: Be proud of your portfolio

Invest in properties and opportunities that you like; things you are passionate about or that you are excited to know more about. This shouldn’t be boring – you should feel proud to put your portfolio in an album and browse through them with a sense of achievement!




Never underestimate. Never assume.


Tip 1: The Right Relationship

Your tenants are real people with real lives. They have hopes, fears, dreams – and frustrations: don’t let their home be one of them! A responsive landlord has more patient, more amiable, more friendly tenants – willing to work with you to look after the property. But tenants that are ignored or overlooked quickly become frustrated – and every small thing can become a major issue. The right relationsip is key to an excellent tenancy – and Propertunity can manage this entirely.

Tip 2: The Right Resources

You’re going to need an army of support – builders, plasterers, decorators, electricians, plumbers, heating engineers, glaziers and locksmiths. You’re going to need to call on some or all at some point – and it’s always going to be when you least expect it. Being prepared is essential – try booking an elelctrician on Christmas eve and you’ll understand why! Propertunity have a huge roster of dedicated trades that prioritise our clients. If you’re managing your property alone, developing a loyal list of responsive tradespeople will be the best thing you’ll do!



There’s more than one way!

Tip 1: Explore your options

Finance is not just about getting a ‘yes’ to your plans. It’s about looking at the whole life cost, the terms, the interest rate and any provisions or restrictions. The way you finance is just as important as the amount you finance – and this really is the foundation stone of your investment. Maybe you have cash to invest – but perhaps investing your own cash is not the best use of your working capital?  This is where you need to explore the huge range of financing options available – Propertunity’s experts can help!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the Propertunity team.