What Our Client Say

“As a new investment landlord to the northeast and therefore not knowing the areas particularly well, Chantelle and the team at Propertunity not only sourced and secured properties on my behalf but also provided very useful market data from general demographics to rental yields. Propertunity are incredibly friendly, offering fantastic customer service yet provide a very balanced professional viewpoint. On top of all this they manage my portfolio and are very communicative as and when small issues arise – All in all very content”

David, Investor

What Our Clients Say

“Obviously it’s natural to be skeptical the first time you are dealing with anything and anyone, especially the first time working on a property investment/project. We stumbled across propertunity from other contractors who highly recommended them to ourselves. From the first meeting all the way throughout the purchase,build, rental process and now with the management we have been shown with information and updates on how the property is performing. It’s amazing to have such passion and commitment from a team and we are grateful for all this from the whole team. Highly recommend the team and we for sure will be doing more work moving forward into 2021.”

Gavin, Investor

What Our Clients Say

“Very smooth work with Proportuinity. Chantelle was very helpful and present during the whole sale process of my property and always available for any guidance or advice as well as fast in responding which did not delay the process. Would recommend working with them, highly professional. “

51 Bowness Street, Vendor

What Our Clients Say

“Propertunity offer a friendly, accessible and personal service backed by good local knowledge to deal effectively with property instructions in a realistic manner.”

David - Landlord

What Our Clients Say

“Thanks for Kings Terrace – and saving my bacon!”

Dami, Investor

What Our Clients Say

“I approached Propertunity as I was interested in investing in property to rent.

I was sceptical when Propertunity suggested properties in the Hendon area of Sunderland. Whilst I could see that the value of property compared to the rent achieved in the area would theoretically give me a high yield on my investment, I was worried about damage to property and unpaid rents.

Propertunity explained that they have very close links with a local social housing provider who would rent the properties on a three year contract. These contracts cover rent and damage to the property. The only elements I would be liable to maintain would be the roof and the boiler. Even the boiler was not a worry as the houses had benefited from Propertunity’s’ high standard-low cost refurbishment which included the installation of Baxi boilers covered by 7 year Baxi Guarantees. I would have been a fool not to invest.”

Simon, Customer

What Our Clients Say

If you’ve been considering investing in property but are unsure where to start, this is a great opportunity to connect with our team and benefit from our years’ of experience in property management. Whether you want to start with your first buy to let property, or invest in a larger development, we can provide you with a wide range of options to work with your investment capital and help you to develop a plan for your portfolio.

Investing in property is an exciting proposition – but we’d always recommend researching the area, understanding the local market and positioning your investment in line with your long term goals. This is where we can help – particularly if you are investing in areas that are not well known to you.

There are many factors to consider – not least of which is the popularity of a local area, or the ‘up and coming’ nature of a region. There may be local regeneration, new jobs, new government investment – and yet the property market may still be economically priced. Timing, in this case, is an important factor.

Positioning your property – finding the right tenants – managing the property and relationship going forward – are all key to ensuring that this is a passive income that works for you. Our goal is to provide a complete, end to end, service – all under one roof: from your initial enquiry, to investment, to occupancy and ongoing marketing and management.

William, Customer

What Our Clients Say

I was made aware of a forward thinking property investment agent that was market changing in the way it offers a person investment centred service. After being constantly charged fee’s for agreed sales by other local agents, only to find I had been gazumped without recourse, investing was becoming a lottery. A top quality tradesman that I use regularly on my portfolio recommended Propertunity.

Upon making contact I was informed of the mission statement of providing off shelf to rent quality property, that also had the benefit of having tenants in place.

This benefit leaves the investor to simply count on the numbers of any deal. Rather than encounter unforeseen development nightmares that can prove costly and undermine budgets and ratios.

The service also provides the option of a fully managed tenant service which allows for a passive investment if this option suits.

Propertunity has a multi disciplinary approach which includes diverse lending providers, brokers, landlord advice, legal, accounting et al. All can be utilized to problem solve any deal for the investor.

I am on to my second deal with Propertunity and they have guided me through a minefield of legislation legally at no extra cost.

Also the owners pledge their support to the customer, providing loyalty and honour in to all dealings.

Therefore as a customer I can relax if setbacks occur. Where as in the past, Agencies have turned to another buyer, leaving the customer out of pocket.

A this stage of my property investing career Propertunity is my provider of choice in the quest to expanded my existing portfolio in a sensible and sustainable investment vehicle.

I would advise all would be investors to at least make contact and receive service information first hand. Get in before the next best secret is out and supply cannot meet demand.

Penelope, Customer